Jungle activities

The Osa Peninsula is considered to be the most preserved and fascinating region of Costa Rica. It has been presented by National Geographic as “The most intense biologically place on earth” with more than 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. It is made up mainly of the largest tropical rainforest on the Pacific coast. It is home to many endemic and/or endangered plant and animal species such as Baird’s tapir, jaguar, puma, ocelot… and half of the birds visible in Costa Rica. You can discover the rainforest and its natural richness by visiting the Corcovado National Park but also by walking the trails of private reserves (Osa Conservation, Bollita…). They are more accessible. The peninsula also hides many secrets (gold miners), pre-Colombian vestiges…)

Beaches & waterfall in Cabo Matapalo

Very accessible hike to Cabo Matapalo on the most beautiful beaches of the Peninsula.  Cabo Matapalo is the tip of the Peninsula between the Gulf and the Pacific. It is a very accessible site which allows to discover three superb beaches, to observe the fauna and in particular the 4 species of monkeys of Costa Rica. Pascal will accompany you. We will share a picnic on the beach. At the beginning of the afternoon we will walk in the forest to reach a waterfall where you will be able to refresh yourself.


Rainforest & wildlife in Piro

Three hour hike in the Miguel Sanchez reserve (Rancho Piro). You will discover the extraordinary fauna and flora of the Osa Peninsula. You will cross a primary forest with incredible trees. You will have lunch at the table of the owners of the reserve. Then you will walk again to reach an incredible deserted Pacific beach. You will be able to refresh yourself in the river that runs along the beach.


Rainforest & waterfall in Dos Brazos

You will cross a primary forest. You will discover amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golfo Dulce. You will walk along rivers and plunge under waterfalls. You will discover the incredible natural treasures of the Osa peninsula but also vestiges of the pre-Columbian civilization (tombs, potteries…). An exciting day full of extraordinary discoveries.


Night walk in Puerto Jimenez

Discover the extraordinary jungle nightlife. The visit is led by a guide in a private reserve in Puerto Jimenez. You will walk in different ecosystems. You will see many animal species such as the red-eyed frog, kinkajou, armadillo, tarantula, ocelot, reptiles and many surprises…


Canopy tour

An impressive way to discover the spectacular Osa jungle. You will discover the canopy of a primary forest, the incredible treetops, the fauna living in the heights of the forest …


Bolita Reserve in free access

Bolita’s 15 kilometres of trails cross more than 61 hectares of forest. They will take you through different altitudes of primary and secondary forests. You will discover four creeks, numerous waterfalls, various sites offering a fantastic view of the ocean, as well as the magnificent Rio Tigre. It is an ideal place to observe much of the flora and fauna of Osa. A map will be provided at the entrance. 


The Corcovado National Park

Corcovado is a must in Costa Rica. It was declared in 2016 by the National Geographic as the “best national park in the world”. To discover this jewel in the best conditions, it is best to spend one or two nights there. If you only have one day, there are alternative formulas (private reserves) presented in this guide. They are more accessible and allow you to discover aspects that you wouldn’t see if you go only one day in Corcovado.


  • The park in numbers
    54,000 hectares. 8 typical habitat types and 13 different ecosystems. It shelters more than 15000 species of plants, 500 trees, 140 mammals, 367 birds, 117 reptiles or amphibians, 40 fish and 6000 different insects… the 4 species of primates present in Costa Rica.
  • Access
    Access to the park by Carate (La Leona Station), Dos Brazos (El Tigre Trail), Bahia Drake (La Sirena by boat) or Los Patos.
  • Parcours
    Enter via Carate and exit by boat (La Sirena) to Bahia Drake or the other way round… Enter via Carate and exit via Los Patos or the other way round. Enter and exit by Carate….
  • Length of stay
    One day, two days and one night in the park, three days and two nights in the park
  • Transport
    Puerto Jimenez / Carate by private car
    Puerto Jimenez / Carate by taxi: $160 round trip
    Puerto Jimenez / Carate by minibus: $30 round trip
    Puerto Jimenez / Carate en colectivo: $10 round trip
    Bahia Drake / Sirena by boat: $30 one way
  • Main Rates
    Park entrance fee: $15 per person
    Guide: $50/60 per person per day
    Night in the park: $30 (dormitory with bunk beds)
    Meals in the park (mandatory except for the day tour): $20 breakfast / $25 lunch / $25 dinner
  • Some packages (for information only)
    Tiger Trail (Dos Brazos) one day hike: $102 first person / $68 from the second.
    One-day hike La Leona (Carate): $95
    One night / two day hike: $280
    Two night / three day hike: $390
  • Reservations
    We do not provide reservations for the Corcovado. It is better to reserve through a specialized agency. The two best are the following.
    OsaWild : https://osawildtravel.com/
    Surcos Tour: https://surcostours.com/

your personalized WALK with Manuel

Manuel was born in the heart of the Osa Peninsula in the family finca of Piro. Miguel, his father revealed all the secrets of the rainforest to him. The forest was his playground. Then an American foundation bought a large part of the property. Scientists moved in close to the family home. With his knowledge, he was their guide… They also taught him a lot about the natural treasures of his native land. Then he became himself the person in charge of the foundation’s turtle protection program.

Very early on, he became interested in wildlife photography. He became the foundation’s photographer and presented his work in solo exhibitions in the United States.

Manuel can accompany you and reveal the secrets of the peninsula according to your interests and wishes.

  • Rates: $95 per day for 1 or 2 people / $20 per additional person from 3 (entrance fees and meals are not included).
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