Beach activities

Punta Preciosa is located on Playa Platanares / Preciosa. The beach is about 8 km long. It is often deserted and the part in front of the house is perfect for swimming. Located in the heart of the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Preciosa Platanares, it is a turtle nesting area. It is also a perfect site for bioluminescence observation and fishing.

Free activities

  • Sunrise on the Golfo Dulce from the beach or the terraces (magic moment).
  • Swimming (the water temperature is exceptional, the water is not very salty and the beach is almost deserted).
  • Lazing around (hammocks, armchairs on the beach).
  • Aperitif, dinner or picnic on the beach.
  • Discovery and observation of the fauna (rays, dolphins, turtles, whales…).
  • Birdwatching (red macaws, pelicans…).
  • Jogging, hiking, walking.
  • Surfing at about 2 km from the house (from time to time).
  • Night observation of bioluminescent plankton.

The guide will pick you up with the horses in front of the house and you will ride along the beach, take paths along the beach. If the tide is low you can go to Puerto Jimenez by crossing the estuary of Rio Platanares. The horses are adorable and the ride is a moment of pure happiness. This activity is especially suitable for younger people..


You will leave very early in the morning with our guide to fish in the traditional way on the beach.  It is a magical moment with the sunrise on the gulf and very often dolphins, rays… It is possible to do it by kayak.


Night Walk

Mangrove & Bioluminescence

Hiking, starting from the house, in secret paths, to discover the nightlife of the jungle and mangrove. You will observe a different fauna and a special atmosphere. You will go to the edge of the mangrove (shivers guaranteed). To finish, we will make you discover (depending on the days and tides) the fascinating spectacle of bioluminescence. On the way back we will share a fish soup with coconut milk.


Night patrols / Turtle release

The beach of Punta Preciosa is a nesting area for turtles. The latter are on the verge of extinction and the nests have many predators (dogs, wild animals and humans who eat the eggs). Together with the people living along the beach, government institutions and scientists, we have set up a structure to protect turtle nests. We receive volunteers who patrol, locate, geo-locate, catalogue, hide or move if necessary, monitor… and protect the small turtles when they reach the ocean. You can take part in night patrols with the volunteers, or in a tortuguita release. 


  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours depending on the activity
  • Rate: $20 per person
  • Timetable: 4:30 a.m.
  • Meeting point: at home
  • What to bring: water, mosquito repellent, torch..


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Rate: $35 per person
  • Timetable: 5:00 a.m.
  • Meeting point: at the vivero 1 km from the house.
  • What to bring: water…
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