Water activities

Punta Preciosa is surrounded by the Platanares river and its magnificent mangrove at the bottom of the garden and the Golfo Dulce in front of the house. This exceptional location allows us to offer you the opportunity to discover these two fascinating universes from home.

Mangrove kayaking tour

Mangroves are an ecosystem in tropical latitudes found in areas near the mouths of freshwater rivers and the sea. This ecosystem is home to flora and fauna that have adapted to land flooded by salt water at each high tide. The mangrove is composed of several species of plants that have developed characteristics such as: tolerance to high levels of salinity; water desalination systems; aerial roots that stabilize the tree in soft soil; floating seeds… It is also home to an extraordinary fauna: monkeys, raccoons, iguanas, birds, crocodiles, caimans, butterflies, crabs…

Discover, by kayak and from the house, this fascinating ecosystem and amazing atmosphere. You will be accompanied by an experienced local guide who will explain the interrelationships between plants and animals. He will guide you through the river under the canopy of mangrove trees and in the middle of the course will offer you a snack with refreshments and exotic fruits. The kayaks are in excellent condition and are equipped with backrests and life jackets. You can choose single or double kayaks. The guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. They are passionate and exciting.


Discover Golfo Dulce by boat

Dolphin and whale watching / Discover the fauna of one of the 4 tropical fjords of the world. Captain Taboga comes to pick you up by boat on the beach in front of the house and takes you on board for a fascinating show: landscapes, pelicans, rays, flying fish, turtles… and dolphins. At certain times of the year it is also possible to see and approach whales and their babies. The captain will offer you to do snorkeling (the boat has the necessary equipment) and a small snack is provided in the middle of the tour.


Boat fishing on the Golfo Dulce

Captain Taboga will pick you up by boat on the beach in front of the house. He is an expert and has very professional equipment.


Snorkelling in Isla del Cano

The spot around Isla del Cano is one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica. The departure is planned on the beach of Bahia Drake. After a 45 minutes crossing during which you can see birds, dolphins, rays, you will reach the snorkelling spot near Isla del Cano. A first dive will be followed by a half hour break on the island for a picnic and a second dive in the early afternoon if weather permits. The spectacle is fascinating. You will swim in the middle of fishes of all colors, sea turtles and even sharks (harmless)…


Surf courses in Cabo Matapalo

Classes are given on Playa Pan Dulce in Cabo Matapalo. An ideal beach for beginners. The guide will teach you the basics of surfing or show you the most secret spots if you are already practising. Cabo Matapalo offers beaches suitable for all levels. You can also practice surfing on the beach in front of the house. The wave is 2 kilometers away.



You can discover the mangrove with our kayaks. You will leave directly from the bottom of the garden to reach the river.

You can also fish or go along the coast of Golfo Dulce.

  • Rate: $15 / kayak / day
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