Beach and around the house

Punta Preciosa is surrounded by beach, jungle, river and mangrove. The house is located in the heart of the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Platanares Preciosa. This exceptional location allows for many guided and non-guided activities to be enjoyed on site or in the immediate vicinity.

On-site activities

  • Sunrise on the Golfo Dulce from the beach or the terraces (magical moment).
  • Swimming (the beach is ideal for swimming).
  • Relaxation (hammocks, armchairs on the beach).
  • Aperitif, picnic or dinner on the beach.
  • Discovery and observation of the fauna (rays, dolphins, turtles, whales…).
  • Discovery and observation of birds (red macaws, pelicans…)
  • Jogging, hiking, walking.
  • Night observation of bioluminescent plankton.

On the spot, you will be able to see and observe 4 species of monkeys, macaws, toucans… From the beach: dolphins, whales, rays… 

Some of these moments: the sunrise on the gulf, the macaws breakfast, the bioluminescence at night in the sea… 

Mangrove kayaking tour

The mangrove is an ecosystem of tropical latitudes that is found in areas near river estuaries. It is the home of a flora that has adapted to the land flooded by salt water at each high tide. It is also the habitat of an extraordinary fauna: monkeys, raccoons, iguanas, birds, crocodiles, caimans, butterflies, crabs…

Discover, by kayak and from the house, this fascinating ecosystem and this amazing atmosphere. You will be accompanied by an experienced local guide who will explain the methods used by the flora to adapt to salt water, the interrelationships between plants and animals… The guides are passionate and enthusiastic. They will guide you through the river under the mangrove canopy and in the middle of the tour, they will offer you a snack with refreshments and exotic fruits.



You can discover the mangrove with our kayaks. 

You will leave directly from the bottom of the garden to reach the river.

You can also fish or go along the coast of Golfo Dulce.

  • Rate: $15 / kayak / day
We have two single kayaks for rent. 

The beach is a nesting area for turtles. The turtles are on the way to extinction and the nests have many predators (dogs, wild animals and humans who eat the eggs). We created an NGO to protect the turtle nests. A team of employees and volunteers patrol the beach at night, locate, geolocate, inventory, protect or move the nests to a nursery if necessary… They monitor and protect the small turtles when they reach the ocean. You can participate in night patrols or in a baby turtle release.



The guide will pick you up with the horses in front of the house and you will ride along the beach, taking paths along the beach. If the tide is low you can go to Puerto Jimenez by crossing the estuary of the Rio Platanares. The horses are very nice and the ride is a moment of pure happiness. This activity is particularly suitable for the youngest.


Bioluminescence observation

You can discover (depending on the luminosity of the night and the tides) the fantastic spectacle of bioluminescence. It is often possible to observe the phenomenon from the beach. Nevertheless, we advise you to swim with masks and to move the water with your arms. We can provide you with masks if you wish…

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