Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is a must-see in Costa Rica. It was declared in 2016 by National Geographic as the “best national park in the world”. It is said to contain 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. 

We can organize your hike in Corcovado National Park. We present four options for a day trip. There are many other options, including multi-day tours and/or entering from one side and leaving from another station. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


The park in numbers

54,000 hectares. 8 types of habitat and 13 different ecosystems. It is home to more than 15,000 species of plants, 500 trees, 140 mammals (including the 4 species of monkeys found in Costa Rica), 367 birds, 117 reptiles or amphibians, 40 fish and 6,000 different insects…

The main entrances to the park

  • By Carate (Station La Leona), 
  • By Dos Brazos (El Tigre trail), 
  • By Bahia Drake (La Sirena by boat),
  • By Puerto Jimenez (La Sirena by boat),
  • By La Palma (Los Patos Station).

The possible routes

You can of course enter and exit by the same station but you can also :

  • Enter through La Leona and exit by boat from La Sirena to Puerto Jimenez or to Bahia Drake or vice versa,
  • Enter through La Leona and exit through Los Patos or the other way around..

Duration of the stay

The duration of the stay in Corcovado can be one day, two days with one night in the park and three days maximum with two nights in the park.


  • Puerto Jimenez / Carate by private car
  • Puerto Jimenez / Carate by cab: $160 round trip
  • Puerto Jimenez / Carate by mini-bus: $30 round trip
  • Puerto Jimenez / Carate by colectivo : $10 round trip
  • Puerto Jimenez / Sirena by boat : $30
  • Bahia Drake / Sirena by boat: $30


We can make reservations for the Corcovado. To do so, please specify the formula, contact information and a photocopy of the passport of each participant. 

You will find below a selection of options. Do not hesitate to contact us.


La Sirena Station / 1 day tour

The Sirena Station is located in the heart of the Corcovado National Park. Its location is 1 hour 30 minutes by boat from Puerto Jimenez. It is the best option for a day trip. It is the accessible part of the park where the fauna is the most abundant. You can observe the 4 species of monkeys of Costa Rica, the tapir, the anteater, peccaries, pizotes, sloths, macaws, toucans, parrots, puma…


The secrets of the Osa jungle / 1 day tour

The most complete tour. You will hike through the Osa jungle, discover the fauna and flora, enter the Corcovado National Park, enjoy incredible views of the Golfo Dulce, swim in beautiful waterfalls and discover a gold mine where you will learn gold mining techniques. A traditional lunch is planned in a finca lost in the middle of the jungle.  


La Leona Station / 1 day tour

La Leona is the main access by land to Corcovado National Park. It is a 2 hour drive from Puerto Jimenez. You will have the opportunity to see animals on the way as it is surrounded by forest. The trail after the station goes along the beach. You will be able to discover the fauna and the flora of the sector and different sites such as the madrigal beach, the old cemetery… The path is quite accessible. 


El Tigre Trail / 1 day tour

The trail is accessible from Dos Brazos, about 45 minutes by car from the house. The trail is 7 km long and is of high difficulty. It is recommended to have hiking experience (there are very steep slopes at the beginning) and to always be accompanied by a local guide. The trail passes through areas of the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve (primary and secondary forest), through private farms and then into the park.


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