Rainforest & Wildlife

The Osa Peninsula is considered to be the most preserved and fascinating region of Costa Rica. It has been presented by the National Geographic as “The most intense biologically place on earth” with more than 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. It consists mainly of the largest rainforest on the Pacific coast. It is home to many endemic and/or endangered plant and animal species such as the Baird’s tapir, the jaguar, the puma, the ocelot… and half of the birds seen in Costa Rica. 

You can discover the rainforest and its natural wealth by visiting the Corcovado National Park but also by hiking in the trails of private reserves, day, night, on foot, on horseback, in zip line…

Rainforest, beach & wildlife à Piro

Three-hour hike in the reserve of Miguel Sanchez (Rancho Piro). You will discover the extraordinary fauna and flora of the Osa Peninsula. You will cross a primary forest with incredible trees. You will have lunch at the table of the owners of the reserve. Then you will walk again to reach an incredible deserted Pacific beach. You will be able to refresh yourself in the river that runs along the beach.


Beaches & waterfalls in Cabo Matapalo

Very accessible guided hike in Cabo Matapalo on the most beautiful beaches of the Peninsula. Cabo Matapalo is the point of the Peninsula between the Gulf and the Pacific. It is a very accessible site which allows to discover superb beaches, to observe the fauna and in particular the 4 species of monkeys of Costa Rica. A picnic on the beach is planned. At the beginning of the afternoon you will walk in the forest to reach a waterfall in which you can refresh yourself. 


Rainforest & Waterfalls in Dos Brazos

You will cross a primary forest. You will discover superb points of view on the Pacific and the Golfo Dulce. You will go along rivers and dive under waterfalls. You will discover the incredible natural wealth of the Osa Peninsula but also vestiges of the pre-Columbian civilization (tombs, potteries…). An exciting day full of extraordinary discoveries.


Night hike

Discover the extraordinary nightlife of the jungle. The tour is led by a guide in a private reserve 15 minutes from Puerto Jimenez. You will walk through different ecosystems between jungle, lagoons and rivers. You will be able to see many animal species such as the red-eyed frog, the kinkajou, the armadillo, the tarantula, the ocelot, reptiles and many surprises.


The Sloth garden

La Perica / The garden of the sloths is the project of a tica family. In their finca, they have maintained and protected a part of the forest where many sloths have settled. This visit allows you to be almost sure to see sloths in their natural habitat. 


Canopy tour

An impressive way to discover the spectacular jungle of Osa. You will discover the canopy of a primary forest, the top of incredible trees, the fauna living in the heights of the forest…


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